Untitled Red Gauze Painting by Kohei Nakata


23 November 2021 – 6 February 2022

Śūnyatā is a Sanskrit word pronounced in English (shoon-ya-ta), translated most often as emptiness, vacuity, and sometimes voidness and is used in aspects of Buddhism.  This exhibition is an example of ideas that nagGallery / nagOffsite / nagDesign demonstrate in its work.  The philosophy and disciplines of the Japanese Aesthetic, most notably expressed in the concepts of Zen, are an influence on who the project works with and how it presents its exhibitions, installations and sound pieces.  The curatorial decisions taken in the presentation are influenced by the Japanese concepts of Mu, ( emptiness and the void ) and particularly Ma, which is best described as, ‘the space between’ or as it was once poetically described as, “the silence between the notes that make the music.” The nagGallery artists all share the same disciplines, although manifested differently, in time based process, repetition and reduction. The three exhibited in this exhibition are the paintings of Kohei Nakata, the watercolours of Helena Gorey and the paintings and drawings of Jane Proctor with a Guest appearance of the sculptures by Deirdre McLoughlin. Śūnyatā was curated by the Creative Director of nagGallery / nagOffsite / nagDesign Mark St.John Ellis