12 June – 6 September 2015

Artists from Baltic States search for national identity in contemporary costumes, jewellery and design objects. Farmleigh Gallery presents an embassy-led project which draws together curators from Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania to bring ‘Baltic Links’ an exhibition in three parts. Across a theme of shared heritage the exhibition showcases the work of designers and artists from the three Baltic countries and includes costume, fashion, jewellery, ceramics. Contemporary Baltic artists reflect the signs and messages carried by their cultural heritage while transforming them into new forms.

// BRIDGES //, the interpretation of ornament in Estonian folk art and applied art. The origins of symbols, their relationships and design principles lie in various cultures and differ in their semantic fields and mentality. Ornaments are like large and small bridges between cultures, countries and nations. These are stories that surpass generations and span from North to South; stories passed from travellers to locals, from kings to fools. These are signs that communicate Wisdom and Spirit.

// THE ART OF HOMECOMING //. Peaceful eternity and a powerful creative force lie in the depths of the souls of Lithuanian culture. It is silent and invisible until we seek it. But, as soon, with all due respect, we ask for reinforcement, it soothes, nourishes and inspires us for creativity, for work, for life. This uninterruptible energy, flowing through ages, reaches us by tangible and intangible signs, codes, symbols which each contemporary artist deciphers in the unique, original language of art.

// TIME SIGNS // is a collection of artworks showing Latvian design and contemporary traditional applied art from Latvia.The art has been created in line with traditional folk art techniques in weaving, jewellery making and ceramics. The works demonstrate modern approaches and innovations, where traditional materials have been applied to modern subjects. The idea behind the exhibition is to show different ways in which ancient signs, marks, symbols, colours, methods, and materials have survived up to the present day, and they have been adapted for contemporary use while preserving traditional ideas, thought and philosophy.

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