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Saimdang. Her Garden, Rediscovered.

May 28 @ 10.00am - June 8 @ 5.00pm

Black poster with red & orange flowers advertising 'Saimdang, Her Garden Rediscovered' exhibition of Korean Art.

Shin Saimdang is one of Korea’s most celebrated historical figures, renowned for her passion for art and learning. An artist during the Joseon Dynasty, she is known for her exquisite depictions of nature and daily life. Her work often features flowers, butterflies, animals, and landscapes, showcasing her skill and pride as a female artist.

An upcoming exhibition in Ireland will feature reinterpretations of Shin Saimdang’s paintings by four Korean artists. Each artist brings their own unique approach, offering a fresh perspective to the Irish audience and underscoring Shin Saimdang’s significance in art history.

The painter in this exhibition blends traditional Korean techniques with Western painting styles to create contemporary works. She mixes traditional Korean ink with Western paints, offering a modern twist on classic landscapes, flowers, and butterflies.

The architect presents detailed blueprints of Shin Saimdang’s house, highlighting traditional Korean housing. This approach showcases the beauty and architectural intricacies of  traditional Korean design.

The illustrator crafts vibrant illustrations inspired by Shin Saimdang’s flowers and insects. Her work is bright and lively, reflecting the beauty of nature that Shin Saimdang cherished, with a unique and colorful twist.

The graphic designer combines traditional elements with digital media to create contemporary digital art and design, reinterpreting the artistic significance of Shin Saimdang.

This exhibition provides a chance to explore traditional and contemporary Korean art through the diverse perspectives of these artists, each offering new insights into Shin Saimdang’s artistic legacy. It’s a unique opportunity for art lovers in Ireland to immerse themselves in Korean culture and gain a deeper appreciation of its historical and artistic value.

The exhibition will be held from May 28 to June 8, 2024, at Cowshed Theatre. Experience the unique artwork of these four artists as they reimagine Shin Saimdang’s legacy.

We look forward to seeing you there!


May 28 @ 10.00am
June 8 @ 5.00pm