The Nobel Room and the Blue Drawing Room

These inter-connecting rooms are part of the Georgian house but were significantly re-modelled by Fuller in the 1880s, and again in the 1890s by William Young. The delightful saucer-domed ceiling in the Nobel Room is in the style of the 1820s and its plasterwork of vine-leaves, grapes and vases filled with fruit and flowers indicates that it may have been a dining room. A clever touch is the window over the fireplace, which creates a living landscape painting of the garden beyond. The room celebrates the achievements of the four Irish Nobel Laureates for literature.

tour_pic6.jpg - The Nobel Room

The Blue Room is an ante room to the Ballroom. The ceiling was copied from that in the Oval Room, though it is not at all as finely executed as the original. The three arched doorways in these rooms were created out of windows in the old house when Young added the Ballroom in 1896.