Fountain Lawn

The focal point of the Pleasure Grounds is the lawn at the back of the house, which rises gently up to a large circular fountain with single high water jet. It is the view framed in the over fireplace window of the Nobel Room which beautifully connects the interior of the house with the exterior ornamental grounds.

The fountain is approximately 21m in diameter and its basin was re-lined by OPW, although its original hydraulics are still operating. It is on the site of an earlier, formal flower garden. Its scale and position indicate a possible French influence, or it may have been influenced by a similar fountain at Ashford Castle.


The fountain and lawn are enclosed by magnificent mature trees including a 200-year-old beech tree, cooper beech and lime trees. On the western side of the lawn are the Dairy and the Cherry Walk, created by Gwendolen, Lady Iveagh in the mid-twentieth century, which leads to the Sunken Garden.